Casa Linda

Villa rental by Danny and Mariela

5 star service

Family Friendly



Privacy/Private Pool

Several spacious rooms available for rental

Welcome Vacation seekers. We have a great treat for you on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. But first we want to get better acquainted with you. Our names are Mariela and Danny Cordova. We are a family of four. We have two kids. We are both artists and entrepreneurs living in New York City. We love to travel and experience the beauty the world has to offer. Being accustomed to the NYC lifestyle is no walk in the park. Not often are we able to travel, so when we do, we make sure to use the time to relax. As I am sure many of you can relate.
We took a vacation to the Dominican Republic. As we traveled around the country visiting family, we ended up booking a week at this great gated community near the beach with all the best amenities. When we arrived, everyone was so helpful and accommodating. We were guided to our villa, and immediately fell in love. A fantastic location, with a great atmosphere and amazing people. The pool, the rooms, the air, the freedom, the amenities, the pool, the beaches, the food, the excursions, the pool, the access to everything , and did I mention the beautiful and well-maintained pools?. 🀣🀣🏊🌴🌴After that, it was a no-brainer. We immediately thought of the opportunity to share this with the world. Everyone should get to experience this access to peace of mind and the freedom to live life to the fullest. It's all at our breathtaking island villa.
This beautiful gated community is a stunning place and will accommodate any reason for your vacation. It is a gated community and agreed upon with Casa Linda Quality Communities. They were more than happy to accommodate our guests. You are free to book your stay with us at any time. Someone would always be there at the gate of the entrance and at the reception office to welcome you as our guests and accommodate your stay. They would accompany you to the villa and introduce you to any and all excursions that they may offer. They have it all and are ready to show you the best time on a beautiful island. No obligations to anything. You're on vacation; it's whatever you want to do. But it's nice to have all the bells and whistles available. We are happy to offer our special getaway destination to you. As we know, you will love and enjoy it to the fullest. Contact us now to book your next vacation. We can't wait to provide you access to this private paradise, 🌴🌴🍹 SALUD!🍻
Gated Community
Security Available 24 hours
Friendly Staff
Near-by Shopping
FREE Transportation
Excursion Options